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I have a white sink with a disposal, and the chrome flange just doesn’t look good with the white sink. Do they make a white flange for this, and if so, is it something easy to replace?

You are in luck! They certainly do make a white disposal flange, and it isn’t very hard to replace it.
Once you have the flange and are ready to start, I would suggest lying a thick towel down on the cabinet lip. You’ll see why in just a few minutes of working inside the cabinet, lying on your back. Begin by disconnecting the pipe leading from the disposal to the drain. If you have PVC drain pipes, you may be able to loosen the couplings by hand, but if not, use a pair of channel–lock pliers. Once the drain is away from the disposal, you’re ready to remove the disposal from its mounting.

From below, just at the top of the disposal, you will see a ring (usually chrome colored) with a loop. Using the disposal wrench (an elongated “S” tool), insert it into the loop (using a screwdriver if you don’t have the wrench), then turn the unit clockwise. Be prepared as you do this, as the disposal will drop down into your hands, and it is somewhat heavy. When it does come down, set it aside.

Next, you will see a retaining ring which surrounds the flange. Using a screwdriver, pry one end of the ring down and the rest of the ring will come off. Be patient here; getting this ring on and off is usually the hardest part of the job. When the ring is off, unscrew the three screws which compress the mounting ring from the flange. You’ll then be able to drop the mounting ring from the flange. With that done, push the flange up and into the sink.

You’re now ready to install the new flange. Take some plumber’s putty and roll it in your hand to form about a ½” snake, which you will wrap around the rim of the flange. Set the flange into the hole, and if there is any writing on the top of the flange (the manufacturer’s name), it looks better if this writing is readable from the top. Next, you’ll simply reverse the process of installing the mounting plate.
Before you’re able to tighten the flange, the retaining ring has to be reinstalled. If you have any trouble, it may help to have someone press down on the flange from above. With the mounting ring secured, lift the disposal in place, insert the wrench and turn the ring counter-clockwise to tighten it. Reconnect the drain pipe and test for leaks. You’ll notice that the plumber’s putty has squeezed out from the new flange. This is normal. Just scrub the excess away until you can’t see any more.

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Double Cylinder Deadbolts – Get It Done – Ask THE Handyman St. Louis

We just moved into a home and our inspector suggested we have “double cylinder” deadbolts installed. Can you tell me what these are?

A deadbolt is an additional lock which some doors have, it just doesn’t have a handle. A double- cylinder deadbolt is one where a key is needed not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Many times, when a door has glass in it, people use a double-cylinder deadbolt, instead of one with a thumb-latch, to prevent someone from breaking part of the glass on the door, reaching in, then unlocking the deadbolt.

A deadbolt is always good to have on a door, adding additional security. If your door doesn’t have one, a deadbolt can be added. However, many municipal and fire codes no longer allow these locks. The theory is that if there were a fire in your home and you needed to get out quickly, you might, in the excitement, forget where the key to the deadbolt was, and not be able to unlock it to get out. These fire codes then demand that a thumb-latch deadbolt be used instead, so that you can always unlock the deadbolt easily. If you do have a door with glass, the security is lessened by having this thumb-latch.


Installing a deadbolt where there isn’t one already requires drilling a hole in the door. This is best done with a hole saw specifically made for door locks. These hole saw “kits” can be purchased at any hardware store. If will require a drill and some effort as well. Follow the directions for the new deadbolt. Once the hole in the door and the hole in the jamb for the bolt itself are drilled, the installation is fairly simple. When purchasing the deadbolt, if you buy the same brand of lock as the handset in the door, you can get the deadbolt re-keyed so that one key will fit both locks on the door.

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