10 Projects Under $100 – Ask THE Handyman St Louis – Get It Done

There are so very many things we can do to class up our home.  Some projects can be expensive.  But there are many which don’t cost quite so much that can leave a lasting impression.  Here are a few ideas that can make a difference:

  1. Replace the door knobs and hinges on the interior doors with bright brass fixtures.  The cost of a bright brass interior lock is about $15 – 20, and the hinges are about $5 each (a door will need either 2 or 3).  The time to replace them would take about one hour per door, including the hinges.
  2. Touch up the paint around your home.  Go around your house and touch up the dings on your walls and trim.  If you saved extra paint from the last time you updated a room, there’s no cost for this project and you’ll be surprised what a fresh look you’ll get.
  3. Add a door knocker and kick plate to your front door.  This also will create a classy look, especially if you use bright brass.  These can be seen from a long way away, making the front entrance welcoming.  The cost for a door knocker is about $15 – $20 and the kick plate would be about the same.
  4. Replace ordinary toggle switches in the public rooms with dimmers.  You will be amazed how a lower level of light can create a wonderful effect.  If you have different lights on different switches in the same room, you can decide which part of the room you want to accent just by increasing that level of lighting.  Dimmer switches run between $10 to $30, depending upon the style.  One note to make however is that if you use the compact florescent bulbs, you will need a special dimmer, and maybe special bulbs.
  5. Replace a kitchen or powder room faucet.  A new faucet makes things sparkle and can really make a difference in the looks of things.  Be sure to use a brand name faucet and not a cheap brand.  These are readily available for under $100.
  6. Create a new effect by mounting picture rails in public areas.  These rails are easily mounted to the walls and can hold several framed pictures.  Another trick would be to occasionally swap out the pictures, keeping visitors on the lookout to see what you have added.
  7. Install a new light fixture in one of your rooms.  The hardware stores have a nice selection of fixtures that can give you quick update.
  8. Consider hanging a new mirror or medicine cabinet in your bathroom – especially if you’ve chosen to install a new light.
  9. Get new pillows for your coach or favorite chair.  Yes – the hardware stores have a great supply on line!
  10. Install a bird feeder outside.  When the skies are grey a glimpse of a beautiful red cardinal or some other feathered friends can make you smile and remind you that spring is just around the corner!


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