We offer two unique inspections for your home (details are below):

  • Whole House (interior/exterior) Inspection to help you spot maintenance issues before they become major repairs – normally $175 – NEW CUSTOMER RATE $95
  • Asthma/allergy inspections offered in conjunction with the Asthma & Allergy Foundation St. Louis to identify triggers that may be in your home  – $140 – NEW CUSTOMER RATE $90

Our Whole House Inspection:

We’ll provide you with a written report outlining what we’ve done; items you should probably consider budgeting for this year, and items you should keep an eye on before they become major repairs. Here’s what’s included in the inspection:

  • Drain one gallon of water from hot water heater
  • Check GFCI outlets (up to 8 rooms)
  • Check furnace filter (if standard type, can install new customer provided filter)
  • Check smoke detectors (up to 4)
  • Check washing machine hoses
  • Check dryer vent for lint build up
  • Check exterior doors weather stripping (up to 6)
  • Turn bathroom shut-off valves (up to 4)
  • Check bathroom faucet aerators for cleaning (up to 4)
  •  Apply food coloring to toilet tanks for leak test (up to 4)
  • Check window screens (up to 8 rooms)
  • Check tubs/showers for caulking (up to 3)
  • Turn kitchen sink valves
  • Check kitchen faucet for aerator cleaning
  • Reverse ceiling fans for season (up to 3 – normal ceiling height only)
  • Check attic insulation – Batt R-value per inch R3.25 or loose fill R-value per inch 2.2
  • Check attic vent louvers for screening
  • Check attic for animal activity
  • Check garage door reversing and safety mechanism
  • Inspect wood decks and fencing (including posts) for rot and damage
  • Check exterior trim, soffits, gutter boards for needed repairs or painting
  • Check gutters for debris and being secure
  • Check exterior windows and doors for caulking needs (including thresholds)
  • Visual walk around inspection of exterior of home
  • Look for signs of wasp or carpenter bee damage
  • Inspect wood decking and fencing to determine if power washing/sealing is needed
  • Check gable vents and louvers for broken screens

If your home has additional rooms, etc. the check up fee will be higher.  Feel free to ask us about additional costs when you call to schedule. 

Asthma/Allergy Inspection

Steve Cloninger, President of Get It Done, Inc. recently completed his training to become a certified healthy homes inspector in conjunction with AAFA-STL. 

Get It Done has developed a 65-point, whole house inspection for families who deal with allergy and asthma issues to help identify and remedy environmental issues that can cause problems.  

What’s more exciting about this inspection is that for every five purchased, Get It Done is offering one hour of service to AAFA-STL clients.